About Sizzling Saucepan

Hello There! I welcome you all to my world of cuisines (virtual kitchen) wherein I will present to you certain of my home cooked dishes. O la la! I missed on formally introducing myself so here it goes …….I am Nidhi residing in the garden city of India Bangalore. This blog of mine will speak about tried and tasted recipes, handpicked from all across the globe. To add the Indian taste of tadka all the recipes are garnished with Indian spices and condiments to match the Indian taste buds. As we all know Indian food is normally rich in spices and leaves a very stimulating and lingering flavor on the tongue.

The uniqueness of my cooking gets derived from my intrinsic traits because as a person I do not like to be shackled and follow any guidelines ; so in my cooking also I generally do not follow a recipe book thoroughly and always provide my twist to a dish to make it more tasteful.

In my cooking I keep extreme consideration of keeping the nutritional values of food intact and hence you shall, most of the times find recipes with low fat and less oil. I try to keep my food as healthy as possible.

How did this blog happen?

To start it from inception one day me and a very close friend of mine were having a light hearted discussion over lunch, and suddenly she jumped out of the chair; and asked me to pause for a while and exclaimed “yaar Nidhi have you ever noticed that whenever you start talking about food and recipes, you just go on and on” and it takes a lot to bring you back in this world and my instant reaction was “accha! I didn’t realize that”. I and this friend of mine always have long conversations/discussions about every single thing on earth –be it business, home, children, life partners, nature, photography and the list goes on – we talk for hours altogether whenever we meet and out chats have no endings. But this time this comment of hers made me take a long pause, and gave me a thought to ponder, and in turn motivated me enough to do something on the subject I am so passionate about – (Cooking, cooking and cooking.)

The discussion paved the way to tell the world about my experiences and my heart felt passion about food, recipes and cooking that I have…  Cooking has always been a stress buster for me, and it starts from golden day’s way back in college… Every Sunday I used to tell my mum, to please leave the kitchen for me and the Sunday brunch used come out of all of my creativity… No recipe books and no references to follow and the dishes used to come out from the ingredients readily available in the refrigerator or the kitchen store,during the cooking I used rely on my gut and present out my creativity. Poor, my parents had to feed on all my new experiments , but one thing that motivated me to do all this was the never ending  support from my mum who used to guide me on how I can improve and learn each time I used to cook.


About me

As I mentioned earlier presently I live in India in Bangalore with my loving husband and my 3 year young adorable brat. I work as a communication specialist with an IT firm in the main frame and also follow and write about my passion for cooking in this small space of mine. This blog is a space where I record my day to day experiments and experiences on cooking and mention about all the hits and misses in my kitchen, where I spend most of the time post office hours enjoying and living the life.

Apart from cooking certain of my interests are listening music, travel and photography. I have had no formal training in cooking and what you see on this blog is a result of my passion. I have developed most of these recipes on my own through experimenting with the ingredients and various techniques to serve a unique and mouth savouring flavour every time I cook.

I hope you enjoy visiting my virtual kitchen and I hope to see you here again…


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